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Dear Network Marketing Friend:  

As you listen to the MoneyTape™ CD and others in the “Split-Second Recruiting” series, you’ll hear a lot of new terminology about carrier pigeons, “split-second” recruiting, quarterback clubs, armies, WD-40, salty peanuts and a fresh perspective on recruiting that reaches your prospects like a high-powered, heat-seeking missile.

The MoneyTape™ CD and The FreedomTape™ CD are effective in opening the door of receptivity to your prospect in a way that is non-threatening and pleasant. As you know everyone likes the subject of money and freedom and if you don't believe me— just ask anyone.  These CD's will get your prospects attention and cause them to act! As you’ll hear, MoneySystem™ tools lets your team members succeed on the basis of their “willingness to act”― rather than their “talent.”  Lengthy speeches and having to be a “sales type” in order to be successful in network marketing are a thing of the past.

You’ll notice a renewed enthusiasm on the part of your current associates who have lacked a system that makes their success predictable.  “The MoneyTape™ CD" is it!  And if this is not it―then what does “it” look like?

The reason this is such recruiting magic is because of the blinding speed and large numbers of prospects you can cover by using your MoneyTape™ CD's and FreedomTape™ CD's to make people thirsty enough to want to hear your story.  Once you start telling your story only to people who want to listen to you, you’ll be instantly rehabilitated from having gotten all those recruiting stiff-arms.  So, say good-bye to them, too, because those days are over.

Now, you’ll have new prospects joining your team for the first time for the same reasons your old  recruits are getting rejuvenated: they realize that they don’t have to be “lucky” to be successful―they just have to be “willing” to do some simple things that make everyday a recruiting dream. TESTIMONIALS

Like anything else, confidence comes from competence. So, relax and become a carrier pigeon.  Fly in with the power-packed message on your Money Tape CD, a message of unbelievable hope and opportunity and then get out!  That’s “split-second” marketing.  No stiff-arms, no turndowns and no baloney.

Don’t worry. The salty peanuts you’ve just delivered to your prospect will either make them thirsty, or you don’t need to be giving a bunch of lengthy speeches to people who plainly don’t want a drink of the water your carrying.  

Make sense? Flap, flap, 

Carrier Pigeon Team

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