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The MoneySystem 7 Step Action Plan
Download in .pdf format

People need a recruiting plan that works. We’ve heard so much about what we need to do that most of us have motivational indigestion. Now, we just need somebody to tell us how to do it.

When you visit with your prospects after they’ve listened to the MoneyTape, they’re ready now for you to tell them about a plan that cannot fail. When you tell them about the MoneySystem, you’ll have a distinct recruiting edge because you have a simple, easy-to-execute plan that really works—day in and day out.

The MoneySystem is another word for “Split-Second Recruiting.” It’s a procedure based on “the law of large numbers” and the unassailable truth that in any sampling of the population, there are a certain percentage of people who are “wired,” right now, to say “yes” to your opportunity. When you “expose” people to the idea of changing their vocational direction—by giving them a MoneyTape—they have been put on notice that there is another money-earning choice available to them—and they are willing to hear about it.

It doesn’t matter whether they are eager or skeptical when you’re telling them your story—you just want “listeners.” Most people are skeptical—or they would have already joined something.

Remember: telling your story is the easy part. Anybody who can read can relate information about your company. The hard part is getting enough people to listen to you tell your story. That’s why the MoneyTape is so valuable to you. It loosens up—and then blows out—the network marketing wax out of your prospect’s ears so you can walk in and tell your story for a few minutes.

Then, just let the chips fall—because you’re just on the lookout for whoever’s thirsty enough to pay the same kind of prices you are for financial freedom. Don’t forget: it’s always easier to give birth than it is to raise the dead.

They may call you—or you may call them. No difference. Just like a joke has a “set-up” and a “pay-off,” your MoneyTape is the “set-up” and you “telling your story” is the “pay-off.” People vary in their preferences about how and when to tell their company’s story about products, timing, pay, etc., but here’s the basic idea: Ask your prospect in a day or so if you can tell her “another story about money” she might like even better.

I’m a big advocate of telling people things in what I believe is the correct sequence. Foundation, walls, roof. The MoneyTape sets up and answers the “why” questions. Then, your explanation of the MoneySystem, as summarized on this sheet, addresses the issue of “how.” It gives your prospect hope and an understanding that he can actually do what it takes to be successful in your business. Then, it’s time to “tell your story” about company, industry, timing, products, pay, etc.

You may find it helpful to keep this sheet with you, bearing in mind that you should also communicate to your prospect that you are following along on a sheet that she will also receive. This communicates transferability and immediate duplication. Remember, one of your primary goals is to communicate immediately how “anybody,” not just you, can do your business.

So, when somebody asks you, “What’s the MoneySystem?”, here’s what you can say: “The MoneySystem is a powerful way for you to earn more money than you can spend. I’ll be explaining all about our company in due time, but that information won’t mean as much to you until you understand first that there’s a plan that cannot fail. So, here’s how that MoneySystem works.”:

I’m going to help you build a financial army—so if you get sick you’re not out of a job and if you don’t make a sale someday you’re not unemployed. This army of men and women is going to be made up of people just like us—people who want a chance to be financially free and do some things we never thought would be possible. And we’re going to start building this army today—because that’s how fast we can get started. Whether we’re part-time, or full-time, it won’t matter. Here’s what we’ll be doing:

#1. Large Numbers Of People  We’ll be giving the MoneyTape to large numbers of people, so we can “expose” them to the cliff they’re driving over and see who wants to stop and make a turn before it’s too late. We know that in any sample of people, a certain percentage of them are ready, right now, to say “yes” to our opportunity. Giving the MoneyTape to large numbers of people lets us find out fast who wants to “hear our story” later—and it allows us to talk only to those people who want to talk to us. That way we never bother anybody and everybody stays friends.

It’s all part of our “system” where we all do things in a transferable and duplicable way. Nobody has to reinvent the wheel and it doesn’t depend on anybody’s special talent to be successful. Because everything’s down on tape or in print, nobody has to be a walking encyclopedia before he can start being successful.

#2. Small Amounts Of Time  Nobody has to give any lengthy speeches to people who aren’t interested. “Split-Second” Recruiting means we can say something like this, “You strike me as a person who understands success—and there’s a special pay-off on this MoneyTape for people just like you. Here’s my card. If you hear anything you like, give me a call.”

Speed, speed, speed and more speed. All we’re doing is just moving our high-powered Geiger counter around the beach finding out where the Rolex watches are buried. The reason we’re looking for other people who want opportunity is because there’s a financial reward for helping other people be successful too.

#3. The Right Kind Of People  People who have some kind of a “gap” between where they are—and where they want to go. Either financial or freedom. People who love their dreams more than they do their excuses. It’s easier to give birth than it is to raise the dead. Because we’ll have so many people to talk to, we’ll never have to try to convince people against their will that they should get involved with us. They either have a need or they don’t. We just keep our eyes and ears open, distribute MoneyTapes and find out who wants to hear our story.

#4. The Right Kind Of Information  The right kind of information is the kind of stuff that’s on their MoneyTape that pounds on people’s emotional hot buttons so they can picture the predicament they’re in. There’s no need to rush up to anybody with information about what company we’re with until they can sense whether they have a need or not. So, the MoneyTape stops people in their tracks emotionally and lets you talk to people who have had the wax blown out of their ears.

#5. The Right Sequence  You can’t rush up to a prospect talking right off the bat about “network marketing” because, chances are, all you’re doing is reinforcing some negative feelings she’s accumulated through the years about that subject. You know that things are different in the network marketing industry than they used to be—but your prospect doesn’t. By the time you start telling him what you’re so excited about, you’ve already been knocked off in the network marketing ditch, because you can’t overcome objections fast enough to avoid the stiff-arm. So, let the MoneyTape do the work for you while you’re off at the movies—instead of off in the ditch. The MoneyTape speaks about things in such a way where your prospect won’t turn it off like he would you.

#6. The Right Way To Approach Your Prospect  We have to make our message palatable to our prospects. That’s why the MoneySystem emphasizes making positive statements about our prospects based on personal observation or what we’ve heard from others. “You strike me as a person who “understands success” (is “good with people”, is “competitive,” has a lot of “leadership qualities,” etc.). This MoneyTape has a special reward for people like you—I’d like you to have a copy. Here’s my card. I’ll call you sometime and see how you liked it.” Magic. No stiff-arms, no sweat and no baloney. Your prospect just thinks you’re a keen judge of talent and she can’t wait to hear what you’ve just given her.

#7. Train Those Who Say “Yes” To Do The Same Thing  The name of the game in network marketing is “cookie-cutter” duplication and speed. Nobody has to go to networking school to start being successful. And you don’t have to be a walking encyclopedia about how much information you can recite—or how many facts you can remember. This is not a quiz show—this is high-speed transfer of information about how average people can work a system that emphasizes simplicity, repetition and “want-to.” That’s why people with big hearts and a lot of desire run financial circles around their former bosses. The MoneySystem is not about individual talent—it’s about team play and the willingness to do simple things like what we’re talking about here—and, then, just not quitting until you’ve achieved whatever level of financial freedom you want. Some people want $500 a month—some want 7 figures a month. You’re your own boss and you take orders only from yourself.

 “Confidence comes from competence. The more you learn about how to work this MoneySystem, the better you’re going to like it and the more effective you’re going to be.

“Special business cards, $20 MoneyNotes & Lapel Pins have been designed to start conversations with your prospects and put you at an immediate recruiting advantage. Special training CD's like “Split-Second” Recruiting (60 min), “Split-Second” Success (35 min) and “Split-Second” Conversations (35 min) are available to help you use the MoneyTape most effectively and build your business—fast.

“I’ve given you this information in the order I have because it’s in your best interest to know, first, “why” you would want to consider a business like this and, second, how predictable it is to build that business because of the MoneySystem that drives it.

“People are all around us begging for the opportunity we’ve got. And, because we have a well-thought-through plan to contact them in large numbers, in small amounts of time, giving the right kind of person—the right information—in the right sequence—in a manner that’s acceptable to our prospect—and training those who say “yes” how to do the same thing—then, we have a plan that cannot fail!

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